Recovering official Toshiba support files from Atlas and the Toshiba BBS

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I always like to do a lot of research on the vintage computers I own, mainly going trough files on old FTP sites and on the the Internet Archive. After doing this for my Toshiba collection I've collected a lot of files from all over the web, and while most of this stuff is easily found when searching search engines, some of it is not. And that's why I decided to make a page to collect some of this info and make it available (again).

Toshiba Atlas

The Toshiba Atlas CD's are one of the great resources for Toshiba documents diagnostics files etc. They can be found at

While many of the files on these disks have already been converted to more modern file formats and have been made easily available online, Two very useful Toshiba utilities haven't yet been made available: "TECH Access" and "E.M.I.S."

TECH Access and E.M.I.S.

TECH Access was created by Jim Ferguson for the American Toshiba division "TAIS" (Toshiba America Information Systems).

E.M.I.S. aka "Engineer's Mobile Information System" is a technical marketing tool, dedicated to Toshiba's European Subsidiaries and ASPs written by Wolfgang Gith from the European "TEG" division (Toshiba Europa GmbH)

Both of these tools are in the form of Microsoft help files, and they contain a lot of detailed specifications and information on many of the Toshiba laptops.

Although modern Windows doesn't support .HLP files anymore you can still open them by reinstalling the older "winhlp32.msi" from Microsoft, but that's not the most convenient as it is no longer available on Microsofts website. So I decided I would try and convert both of them to HTML pages to try and host them online.

After a lot of struggling around I am proud to present:

TECHaccess page at

and E.M.I.S. page at