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25 September 2023

22 September 2023

  • curprev 13:2713:27, 22 September 2023WikiSysop talk contribs 553 bytes +553 Created page with "C-0052 TS-MX C Sharp X1, X1 turbo, MSX RC-80 TC-0051 TS-80 NEC PC-8001 mkII RC-88 TC-0051 TS-88 F NEC PC-8801 (and PC-8801MKII) RC-89 TC-0051 TS-98 NEC PC-9801 (and {| class="wikitable" !model !Cable !Floppy !Tape !Computer |- |RC-1000-1 | | | |Apple IIc |- |RC-1000-2 | |TS-02 | |Apple II, II+, IIE |- |RC-1000-3 |TC-0057 |TS-03 B |TS-03 B |Commodore 64 |- |RC-1000-4 |TC-0051 |TS-01 | |IBM PC, PCjr and compatibles |- |RC-1000-5 | | | |TRS-80 model 100, NEC 8201..." Tag: Visual edit