Seiko RC series hardware and software

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The following is a list of all of the RC-1000 packages distributed by Seiko and what they contained. Note that there are still a lot of blank spots, these are are fields that I haven't been able to confirm yet. I have also linked to downloads of the software that I've been able to recover, but many are still missing.

Seiko RC-1000
Model Cable Floppy Tape Computer
RC-1000-1 TS-02 Apple IIc
RC-1000-2 TC-0053 TS-02 Apple II, II+, IIE
RC-1000-3 TC-0057 TS-03 A

TS-03 B

TS-03 B Commodore 64
RC-1000-4 TC-0051


TS-01 IBM PC, PCjr and compatibles
RC-1000-5 TRS-80 model 100, NEC 8201
RC-FM TC-0052 TS-FM Fujitsu FM-7. FM-8
RC-MX TC-0052 TS-MX Sharp X1, X1 turbo, MSX
RC-80 TC-0051 TS-80 NEC PC-8001 mkII
RC-88 TC-0051 TS-88 NEC PC-8801 (and PC-8801MKII)
RC-89 TC-0051 TS-98 NEC PC-9801 (and FPC-9801E PC-9801F)
BS-03 Sinclair ZX Spectrum
Sinclair QL
BBC model B
Epson PX 8

Software downloads

This is the current list of original software I have been able to recover for the RC-1000:

RC-4000 series (RC-4000, RC-4400, RC-4500)

Seiko RC-4000 Series (4000, 4400, 4500)
Model Cable Floppy Tape Computer
Apple IIc
Apple II, IIe
CS403/IBM (M) TC-044 CS 404/2 IBM/MS-DOS
CS 501 BBC model B
TC-048 CS 503 Commodore 64